Current Projects

updated 06/06/12

Heavy Overhaul of Locomotive 4561

Including New Frames and Frame Extensions, we are hoping to save the cylinders. We will be Re-Metaling all of the Axle Boxes and Motion Bearings etc. The Boiler will be Overhauled by an Outside Contractor. The Engine is to be completed by the Spring Gala 2016.

Heavy Overhaul of Locomotive 1219

This Locomotive is owned by one of our Apprentices and is being overhauled as an Apprentice Project. All work will be carried out by our Apprentices under our direct supervision. It is being part funded by the WSRA as an Educational Project. The Overhaul Includes some light Boiler Work, (Stay Replacement and Mud Hole door Refurbishment) and Refurbishment of all Bearings, Re-Metaling as necessary.

Overhaul of Carriage No 4419

This includes Replacement of the crash protection struts and end panels. Replacement of all the Doors and Modifying the Hinges. Removal of Windows to Replace the Rusted Side Sheets Complete Interior Refurbishment including Seat Recovering. Body Prep and Re-Paint.

Carriage 6705

This Carriage has been rebuilt and is having the Interior rebuilt by the owning group. We are lifting and Overhauling the Bogies and Brake Gear