Restoration at Williton

"Helps you keep the wheels turning"

In these days of high-tech equipment set in a fast moving computer controlled environment it is refreshing to know that a Somerset company is keeping traditional engineering skills alive. Small production orders are a speciality of the engineering team at West Somerset Restoration, which is part of the West Somerset Railway Association.

Jobs need not be of a railway origin - in fact the more unusual and challenging the better! The team draws expertise from many years of experience in traditional engineering and fitting skills enabling us to produce a wide range of high quality finished products.

The team strives continually to maintain and extend a range of traditional skills long thought lost to the United Kingdom. It is our intention to develop Williton as a centre of excellence, which will enable future generations to experience and enjoy traditional engineering work as carried out from a bygone age.

The machine workshop at Williton is well equipped with a range of traditional machine tools capable of serving our customers well into the future. The versatility, knowledge and skill of the team will enable working examples of our proud industrial heritage to be passed on to future generations.

No job is too small and no job should be considered too difficult.

Commercial Manager Vacancy

An exciting opportunity exists to work with a keen, skilled and enthusiastic workforce, both salaried and volunteer staff, for West Somerset Restoration. This is part of WSRA (Promotions) Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the West Somerset Railway Association, Registered Charity No.1041901. The position is a full time post, on a salary plus commission basis and will be located at Williton in West Somerset; please state salary expectations with application, which will be taken into account when inviting candidates for interview.

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