West Somerset Restoration Quality Statement

West Somerset Restoration aims to provide defect free products and services to the customer within an agreed budget.

West Somerset Restoration operates a Quality Management System specific to the engineering industry and strives to improve the effectiveness of the system in order to learn and develop.

West Somerset Restoration has a continuing commitment:

The structure of the Quality Management System is defined by the Works Engineering Manager. All employees and volunteers must understand the requirements of the quality policy and must abide by rules as defined by the Works Engineering Manager at all times.

West Somerset Restoration monitors it's quality performance and implements improvements as and when appropriate.

West Somerset Restoration Health And Safety Policy

Health and Safety is everyone's responsibility, ALL of the time. Safe working is a condition of employment with West Somerset Restoration.

Health and Safety affects everything we do; we must constantly ensure the safety of our colleagues and visitors. A climate must be created in which we are always alert to risks and where proper safeguards are taken.

We are all responsible for the safe working practices in our own area of activity and also for the continued development of safety systems. Employees and volunteers alike are encouraged to participate in the pursuit of Health and Safety and are responsible for assessing, evaluating and controlling risks in their own area. It is West Somerset Restoration's policy to provide all employees with the necessary information, instruction, training and emergency procedures that may be required.

All accidents must be reported immediately and recorded in the accident book, located in the Mess Room by the first-aid station. All incidents and near misses must also be reported as appropriate so that remedial action can be taken to prevent recurrence.

It is West Somerset Restoration's policy to consult with all employees on Health, Safety and Welfare matters, in a clear, effective and rapid manner. The success of this policy depends on the support of all employees and volunteers. Adequate safety rules, procedures, responsibilities and general arrangements are drawn up and reviewed when required.

Resources are available to all employees to carry out their tasks in a safe manner in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Sect. 2 (3). West Somerset Restoration will regularly monitor and review this policy in the light of safety performance and changing circumstances. This policy will be brought to the attention of all employees.

Health and Safety is vitally important to us all.

West Somerset Restoration Works Administrator